Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Yes, now Solon doesn't want bollards for GG. This was a big surprise to the developer who didn't understand Solon's anti-bollard history & bad sentiment.

Live tweet test w blog press.

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Master Plan May 3

Reviewed the 2012 Community Attitude Survey reults...

This was the first meeting of 2012 and the 15th meeting of this committee.  The Patch editor was there and he had covered the survey and posted the results earlier in the day, click here.

The return rate was very good despite a "glitch" in the county mail room that left the stamps off of the return envelope, everyone was mailed a stamp and some extra surveys were mailed out.


The next activity is Frankland will be updating the Center of Town Development portion and will submit the draft at a future TBD meeting.

Street signs were a topic of discussion last year, but the FHA Mandate that the signs be updated has been tabled  due to the economy so there are no plans to change signs at this time and its unlikely in the next 5 years.

The City-wide Traffic Master Plan of a few years ago is adopted in the current plan but has never been published on the city website.  Since then a more recent Aurora Road Traffic Plan has been commissioned and accepted and in many ways suggests different solutions for Aurora Rd specifically.  Part of this plan is online under the engineering dept, but it should be an addendum to the Master Plan.  Part of this Aurora Rd plan is moving forward now.

Last year the idea was discussed to do a wider informal survey by the web.  This idea is still under consideration and Frankland will talk to the IT dept about it.


Next Meeting - TBD, much less frequent, as the Master Plan is updated