Sunday, June 26, 2011

Master Plan June 23

The top 5 of the SWOT were discussed and ranked as follows


  1. Schools
  2. Economic Strength and Diversity
  3. Municipal Services
  4. Industry
  5. Family Oriented community


  1. Under developed, unattractive, retail area
  2. Traffic congestion
  3. Unregulated unregistered rental property
  4. Business perceived difficulty working with the city
  5. Nothing to attract young professionals (night life)


  1. Following MasterPlan
  2. Regional Cooperation resulting in positive impact
  3. Improve, expand access, to recreational areas (Timberlane & Arther Rd Pool)
  4. Connector Rd and exits
  5. Recycling / Green Energy


  1. Diminishing availability of school funding sources
  2. Aging industrial infrastructure
  3. Development in adjacent communities (they get money, we get traffic)
  4. Diminishing capacity for waste removal (dump space, could increase taxes)
  5. Regionalism that negatively impacts (misguided regionalism proposals)
The next mtg will be July 21st.
Minutes are here.

One member raised the issue of the "three slabs"


The rails to trails discussion, involved passing out a map and telling the committee we must set priorities and that the N&S railroad has funding and legislative support.  We could mention the W&LE, but N&S is a priority, see the comparison for yourself below:

Comparison Chart

StatusOfficially AbandonedUnused but not abandoned
Track and RR TiesRemovedPresent
Plant GrowthGenerally clearVery overgrown
Partnership opportunityMetroParkCuyahoga County
Viability as trailImmediateLong term
DestinationSolon to Chagrin FallsBainbridge Market Place to Downtown Cleveland

W&LE is abandoned and usable now! 

See more info at the new Solon Trails Site.

Minutes are unavailable.

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