Sunday, March 13, 2011

Master Plan Feb 10

Feb 10, 2010 was the first meeting of the Solon Master Plan Citizens Input Committee.  There are 10 members, 1 member from each ward, 1 rep from the Planning Commission (Rodger Newberry) and 2 more appointments by the Mayor.  The meeting is headed by Rob Frankland Planning Director with his secretary and Planner 2 in attendance.  Planning Commission Chair Mazur has also been a regular attendee.

The previous Master Plan was in 1975, in 2001 a Citizens Committee was formed and in 2005 there work was done, however the zoning code was even older so Rob worked on that.  Also in 2005 the charter was updated to require a Master Plan review every 6 years.  In 2010, after some discussion and some changes the Master Plan was adopted (2010-218) so it could be reviewed in 2011.

While the Master Plan discussed many issues, 11 of its 27 chapters are missing:

  • First four chapters of the Introduction including
    • Abstract of the city
    • Background and Purpose
    • Summary of process
    • Description of Study Areas
  • Seven chapters of the Future Land Use including
    • Peripheral retail and industrial core plans
    • Residential Plan (mentioned as important at this meeting)
    • Parks, Recreation
    • Community Character
    • Population Growth Mgt (related to Parkstone and Abate controversies)
    • Misc Planning Policies
  • Misc Document Parts including Table of Contents, Index, List of Maps and Charts, and Appendix

Two more chapters, the traffic and sewer engineering studies have been printed for members but are not yet on the web.

Several updates have been made to the Master Plan available on the web, the version now available does not show these missing chapters and all chapter numbers have been removed.

The first meeting was mainly to introduce the members to the Master Planning process.

A new issue, federally mandated street signs was discussed.

When the planning goals (formerly Ch 5) were discussed, a comment was made that these appeared to be Vision Statements and not actionable tasks.

Minutes are here.

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