Monday, March 28, 2011

Master Plan Mar 24

This meeting reviewed the Industrial Core Plan.

There was discussion of

  • New Zoning Codes
  • Old permitted uses
  • ReZoning to Industrial, see below
  • Relaxing restrictions on Enterprise Parkway
    Would that make it the 5th shopping center?
  • New Auto Service District, All auto service in city is non-conforming use
  • Next mtg April 21 on Goal Setting
  • After Goal Setting, the Planning Dept will make updates and run them by committee
There were 3 major rezoning issues in the Industrial Core Plan:
  1. Bainbridge Rd West
    No objections from residents, Small section of houses between SOM and Harper recommended as transitional office service
  2. SOM/Aurora West
    Objections from residents, Near Verizon, was removed from plan, NOT referred to committee
  3. Solon and Richmond
    Objections from residents, suggested that large track be redeveloped as new industrial
    Was removed from plan, BUT referred to committee, committee discussed and reached consensus to recommend that this land remain residential, wetlands are not conducive to industrial redevelopment.
Both the CRD and Industrial Core have an entire new set of zoning classifications, these will need to be sent to the voters for approval.  The permitted uses also need a revamp.

One of the 11 missing chapters - Residential Neighborhood Future Plan will be written and reviewed by the group.

Minutes are here.

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